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Cracked heels….care and prevention

Cracked heels are a condition in which fissures or cracks occur in the epidermis of the heel. It is caused by dehydration of the skin and may occur together with excessive keratin. At first these skin cracks are only minor but when left untreated they

5 foods that nourish the liver

Nowadays, there are many liver-related diseases. especially hepatitis or liver cancer It is considered to be the leading cause of death for Thai people, causing many people to be concerned. And what to do? Keep our liver healthy, live a long life and not be

Scoreboard: Villa crushed, Newcastle drew fiercely.

Scoreboard: Villa crushed, Newcastle drew fiercely. Summary of last night’s football results with match highlights. Week 23, English Premier League, season 2023/24. Report from Summary of Premier League football results last night, February 3, 2024. Everton 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Harrison 30 Brenthwaite 90+4 /

5 healthy food eating patterns for women aged 50 up

When women reach the age of 50, we not only have to pay attention to disease. But you still have to pay attention to food. Eating healthy food helps greatly in reducing health effects. Today we have included 5 healthy eating patterns. Which is suitable for women aged 50 years and