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Cracked heels….care and prevention

Cracked heels are a condition in which fissures or cracks occur in the epidermis of the heel. It is caused by dehydration of the skin and may occur together with excessive keratin. At first these skin cracks are only minor but when left untreated they

Quick check, are we washing our hair the wrong way?

Did you know that washing your hair the wrong way can cause unexpected damage to your hair, such as hair loss and unclean hair? No matter how much I wash, my hair still feels greasy. Including scalp problems caused by using shampoo or washing your

5 foods that nourish the liver

Nowadays, there are many liver-related diseases. especially hepatitis or liver cancer It is considered to be the leading cause of death for Thai people, causing many people to be concerned. And what to do? Keep our liver healthy, live a long life and not be

Know about prunes a fruit with many health benefits.

Having good nutrition is the starting point for good health. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” everyone can do it by themselves. By choosing to eat food from all 5 food groups in appropriate amounts. Emphasis on vegetables and fruits of all

5 healthy food eating patterns for women aged 50 up

When women reach the age of 50, we not only have to pay attention to disease. But you still have to pay attention to food. Eating healthy food helps greatly in reducing health effects. Today we have included 5 healthy eating patterns. Which is suitable for women aged 50 years and

6 vitamins-minerals that helps deal with disease “High blood pressure”

Healthy food provides many benefits. For managing blood pressure, the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals can also have a beneficial effect on blood pressure naturally. Do you know what minerals and vitamins they are? Read on. สมัคร ufabet potassium Potassium is an important mineral. Normal levels of potassium affect

How to eat “eggs” according to your age?

As you know, eggs are a good source of protein. In addition to being low in calories It is also rich in various nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Including iron, calcium, phosphorus, choline, vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B6, vitamin E, as well as folate, lecithin,

Facts about freckles

Facts about freckles. In addition to acne and wrinkles on the face Another thing that often causes concern for young women. not least is the blemishfreckles making girls’ faces dull, consult a doctor, get laser treatment, use cream to apply, it’s been better for a whilecame back

Tips on how choose food help slow down aging

Tips on how to choose food to help slow down aging. How do you choose to eat today? fast food Deli or bagged food along the way. The fast-paced life causes you to eat just to be satisfied. more than for health without regardto the detrimental effect on health. Try changing