Arsenal are not good enough to compete with Man City

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Arsenal can win the title Community Shield Came to win successfully by beating Manchester City on penalties. But for the chance to win the Premier League title, it may have to be continued in the long run.

Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has hit out at the tour after saying he doesn’t believe Arsenal can compete for the Premier League title with Manchester City .

The Gunners had just beaten the Blues in the Community Shield on Sunday night, but Keno was still in favor of Pep Guardiola’s team. Is a candidate to win the championship without much difficulty

“A lot of people said it was a good game and there are things they have to improve on. But it has proven that Arsenal were in a good position last year. But they still lack physical strength, attitude and strong depth.” โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“When in a difficult situation We will see if they can stay in the same position or not. and how can they learn about them?”

“Arsenal’s next step is to win the Premier League, which is a very important step. which must continue to develop But you’re talking about winning the league. It’s always been difficult. Just being able to get around is not enough.”