Barca hopes to persuade Depay to extend his contract before loaning him out.

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Barcelona are persuading Memphis Depay representatives to extend his contract with Azul Grana. Before selling the Dutch forward on loan this summer.

Diario Sport reported on Friday that. Barcelona were looking to persuade Memphis Depay’s representatives to lobbied for a contract extension until at least 2024 before the club’s release. The Dutchman left the Camp Nou on a loan deal. 

Barcelona are rushing to register their players ahead of the start of the new season sometime next week. Despite the club having let both Oscar Minguesa and Riqui Push leave the Camp Nou. While Norberto Murara Neto is set to end up with Bournemouth. The club Azulgrana must also find a way out for Martin Braithwaite, Samuel Umtiti and Memphis Depay. Although the Dutch forward is ready to meet the club’s demands. But negotiations can be complicated for a number of reasons.  UFABET

Juventus were previously report to be interested in Depay, but Juventus only want a loan deal, but Barcelona do not want to risk losing the Netherlands striker after his contract expires next summer. 

As a result, Barcelona must find a way to convince Depay’s representatives to convince the 28-year-old to extend his contract with Azul Grana until at least 2024. Before the club will let the players move under on loan contracts this summer. 

Alternatively, Azul Grana may have to cut their €20m demand for Depay’s departure from the Camp Nou, but this is inconsistent with the player’s desire to cancel. Another year’s contract to move the agency free of charge.