Facts about freckles

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Facts about freckles.

In addition to acne and wrinkles on the face Another thing that often causes concern for young women. not least is the blemishfreckles making girls’ faces dull, consult a doctor, get laser treatment, use cream to apply, it’s been better for a whilecame back again Is there any chance of healing? When you have melasma, do you often have free gifts like freckles as well? Melasma, freckles. How to treat the same or different? Many questions that make girls. Confuse with the problem of blemishes by UFABET.

The difference between melasma and freckles

Melasma is a condition where facial hyperpigmentation is common in Asian and black women.There are both shallow and deep. Usually found on the cheekbones. Jaw or the middle of the face. Can stimulated to darken by sunlight, pregnancy, taking female hormones or birth control pillsFreckle is a word with a broad meaning. Use to refer to many types of black marks together. Including freckles.found in people with white skin Found since childhood It looks like a light brown spot. often stay together in clustersFound on the face and areas exposed to the sun. Can darken or lighten sun rays (Solar Lentigines)often found in older people Found in areas exposed to sunlight. It looks like a brown spot or patch with clear edges. The souvenir (Hori’s Nevus), usually found on 2 sides of the cheekbones, looks like a gray spot, the edge is not clear. However, there are many other causes of black marks on the face. whether it is a congenital black mark Dark spots cause by certain drugs Hyperpigmentation caused by skin inflammation Or black marks. That are symptomsof physical disease, so if unsure, consult a dermatologist for a diagnosis.correctly

The cause of melasma and freckles are the same or different.

both blemishes and freckles there is a racial factor Skin color and genetics It is more or less determined as mentioned above.environment, including ultraviolet radiation in sunlight It clearly affects the intensity of blemishes and freckles.Hormonal factors such as pregnancy, birth control pills Will affect the darkening of the melasma more

A popular question when having blemishes. It always has to freckles, right or not?

Not always Because melasma and freckles different conditions.  But can activated by sunlight On the other hand. It is not uncommon to see both conditions together.

Melasma, freckles, which one is easier to treat and how to treat it.Melasma is a condition that does not respond well to laser treatment. Especially in people with darker skin.and deep blemishes Laser treatment is often performed as an adjunct treatment. Including skin cell turnoverby using acid or a scrubber But the main treatment of melasma will focus on the use of topical creams to reduce pigmentation.

Including strictly avoiding factors. That cause darker blemishes, such as sunlight and hormonesBut for freckles Sunburn and shallow freckles can use laser groups for pigments or IPL machines.Shoot for skin with pigment gradually. Shed off into flakes. As for souvenirs, use a laser for pigmentation. shoot in depthcan help fade The pigment-reducing topical and sunscreen should be used continuously. to prevent recurrence

Incurable melasma But the freckles may disappear.

Melasma usually won’t go away. Treatment may fade to a certain extent.  But can darker as wellThe freckles may disappear from the treatment. But reincarnation is not uncommon.  Especially shallowwhich is from a young age in people with white skin (freckles). Therefore, the use of appropriate melaninAnd constant self-protection from the sun is important in all cases.

Be careful about drug use Advertised to help treat blemishes, freckles, make your face white and supplements to prevent blemishes.

Freckles, ointment to treat blemishes and freckles. It is a group of drugs that help reduce pigment in the skin cells. (Skin-Lightening Agents)There are many drugs with different mechanisms of action. Together in reducing pigmentation in the skin with some groups of drugs being controll drugsto be used only in hospitals As mentioned above. The basic treatment for melasma and freckles is the use of topical medications.

Therefore, if buying cosmetics or cosmeceuticals for self-use does not improve may consult a doctor to further adjust the treatment. There also many dietary supplements. That advertises skin whitening, most of whichwill mix nutrients or natural extracts The effect of reducing the production of black pigment in the skin. antioxidant effectand helps reduce skin damage from sunlight, for example, Glutathione, Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid,Pine Tree Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract, etc. These supplements may be used as a supplement.in the treatment of blemishes. But it is not yet a standard of treatment. Because there are still insufficient research resultsto clearly guarantee the results of treatment and long-term side effects

Avoid the sun most importantly. Helps prevent blemishes, freckles.

Protecting yourself from the sun is very important. You should use a sunscreen that has the ability.Protects against ultraviolet rays, both UVA and UVB, with the ability to block UVB. Denoted by SPF, UVA is denoted in different ways depending on the country of manufacture. For example PPD,PA, etc. For prevention, sunscreen. Should use with SPF50+, PA+++.Including wearing a hat, sunglasses and an umbrella can help increase the efficiency of sun protection.If possible, avoid taking birth control pills. or female hormones. Except in the casewith a doctor’s indication