Precautions for Botox injections

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Precautions for Botox injections

Q: Nowadays, people are injecting Botox a lot. 

But very few people know. Which group of people should not inject Botox. Is there a person with a disease. That is consider forbidden for Botox? And if injected, what might be the negative effects?In case of choosing a doctor or the place of service is not up to standard at UFABET.

A: People who should not receive Botox injections include:

  • People with a history of botulinum allergy
  • People who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • People who have a history of muscular dystrophy  

Possible side effects after Botox injections

  • Jaw pain is often a pain in the jaw often.
  • Difficulty chewing food Especially food that is flexible, hard or highly sticky.
  • loose joints between the jaws When you open your mouth wide and then close it, you will feel a sudden sensation in your jaw joint.
  • face is not balance. The left and right faces not equal.
  • smile and crooked mouth Most of these occur when Botox is inject in the wrong place by an unskilled doctor.
  • sagging cheeks Often happens to people who have a lot of fat that accumulates around the cheeks. When Botox is inject into the jaw area
  • The jaw muscles will be smaller, but the fat on the cheeks and the corners of the mouth will not be smaller as well. making the cheeks look sagging
  • Droopy eyelids, downturned eyebrows
  • feeling stiff all over the face Your face will feel tight and your facial muscles will not be able to move as you wish.
  • drug allergy It causes weakness, low-grade fever, mild headache, nausea, vomiting, nausea, or a rash at the injection site.
  • Other side effects, such as a feeling of pain in the face Swelling at the injection site, headache, red skin, dizziness, etc.

In the case of choosing a doctor or hospital. That is not up to standard may result in receiving Botox injectionsthat are fake or inferior quality In addition to the effect of the substance will not last as long as usual.It is also dangerous for you. So it should be done by a specialist doctor and a medical facility. Only with standard and don’t forget to check the substance Botox. That will injecte into your own body as wellWhich company is it too? So that there won’t be any problems that follow.